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The Govan Stewart Memorial Library

The Library is primarily for the use of the staff and students of The Faith Mission Bible College, providing resources for study, teaching, preaching and Christian service. It contains over 18,000 volumes, with new books being added from time to time. It also houses a small selection of periodicals, resources for children’s work, and a sermon file.


The Library is catalogued according to the Library of Congress Classification Scheme. The religion schedules cover BL-BX as follows:

Christianity, Church History and Bibliography
Practical Theology
Christian Denominations,  Cults
Arts and Sciences

These are further divided into more specific subject areas:   e.g. Theology is divided into Doctrine of God, Christology, Holy Spirit, Salvation, etc.


The Library catalogue is computerised.   The database contains information on all the book holdings and on a limited number of journals.  A maximum of 15 books may be borrowed by each student.   Books and pamphlets may be borrowed without the assistance of the Librarian.

External Borrowers

They must register with the Librarian and pay an annual membership of £10.00.


Ten regular loan books may be checked out at any one time.   Other books and periodicals can only be used in the Library.


Library Staff

The Librarian, Mrs Valerie Robertson, is available on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9am-4pm.

Additional Resources

1.     Missionary data

2.     An archive of Faith Mission history

3.     Materials for children's work

4.     Sermon file

Email: library@fmbc.ac