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Dear friends


Welcome to  Cc:onnect 2015.  I am so glad you have decided to join us, and I have GREAT expectations for what the Lord will do for us during the week together.  If you have booked accommodation, you’ll be receiving confirmation by email.  This short note is about some reading you might like to do before you come.  In fact, it’s essential and inspiring, I think you’ll enjoy it!   Both books are available to order from the Faith Mission bookshops, and also available at some of your favourite online and ebook retailers (ideal for your Kindle etc). 



A Heart for the Community: New Models for Urban and Suburban Ministry
John Fuder (2009)


Read the short introduction to each of the four main sections , and then read the selected chapters listed below.

Part 1- Noel Castellanos on Networking; John Fuder on Ethnography; Sam Naaman on Muslims; Al Toledo on Prayer
Answer these reflection questions: Ch. 2, #2; Ch. 3, #2; Ch. 5, #2; Ch. 8, #4

Part 2-Daniel Hill on Ezra, Nehemiah, Esther; Clive Craigen on House Church; Dave & Angie Arnold on Hospitality; Tom Kubiak on City Centre
Answer these reflection questions: Ch.12, #3; Ch.13, #3; Ch.14, #4; Ch.17, #4

Part 3-Glen Kehrein on Poverty; Winfred Neely on Racially Changing Communities; Dan Gute on Great Community
Answer these reflection questions: Ch.18, #2; Ch.19, #1; Ch.23, #3

Part 4-Mary Kim et al on Salvation Army; David Anderson on Families; Brad Stanley on Evangelism
Answer these reflection questions: Ch.25, #1; Ch.26, #1; Ch.29, #1

Neighborhood Mapping: How to Make Your Church Invaluable to the Community
John Fuder (2014)



Come with your questions, think through the challenges and opportunities of your own context, and let’s learn together.


Looking forward to seeing you on Monday 19th January at 9am.



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Dr Adrian Holdsworth

Vice Principal