Monday Night Lectures @ FMBC - new series

posted 8 Sep 2014, 09:10 by FMBC Admin   [ updated 10 Sep 2014, 02:41 ]
A series on II Corinthians begins on Monday 29th September.

Robert Murdock is the Principal of FMBC.  He has served as the minister of two Churches, one in the UK and the other in Canada. Robert is excited about having the opportunity to journey through II Corinthians in these evening lectures. 

The Church at Corinth stood at the crossroads of the ancient 
world and faced the same kind of challenges that Churches in the 21st-century in Edinburgh face.

The letter is bursting at the seams with lessons for us to discover, learn and apply to each of our lives and church fellowships.

II Corinthians does not enjoy the popularity among Christians that it deserves.  The letter contains Paul’s most comprehensive statement in the New Testament concerning the death of Christ (5:14-21).  It extols the superiority of the new covenant over the old that is paralleled only by the book of Hebrews.  It brings to light the struggles in ministry in a way that no other book does.  It is a letter which is full of passion and pathos as Paul defends himself and his ministry against critics that were seeking to destabilize the Church.  

On at least four of the ten evenings, men with experience in the area of study will bring a focused and practical treatment of the subject in the second lecture.

In short, this is a study worth being part of.  Come and join us each Monday evening at 7.30pm - admission is free!