Online Facilities

Students at FMBC are given a username and password which gives them access to a wide range of interactive services and resources which can be accessed from any internet-connected computer. 

These include... 

- your email address with all the features of Gmail and unlimited storage (see Google Drive) -

 - your personal online calendar - share your events, get notifications, manage your time -
Google Drive
 - create and edit text documents, spreadsheets, presentations - upload, store and share your own files - with unlimited personal storage -

Google Classroom
Classroom lets lecturers communicate with classes and easily share assignments, materials, and messages. - 

Student Zone
 - a private area of the website for full-time Diploma and Certificate in Applied Theology students where notices are posted, information and resources are available -

College staff have similar facilities at the Staff Zone.

Problems with your account
If you are a student and don't yet have an FMBC account, have lost your password, or have any problem signing in, please email or phone the college office on 0131 664 4336.