Signing in with an external email address

Students enrolled on our part-time day courses are given access to FMBC websites through their existing email address.
  • If your existing email address is part of the Gmail system (e.g. Googlemail, Virgin Media, BlueYonder, and many others) you will use the same login details.

  • If your existing email address is with another provider (e.g. BT Broadband, Yahoo, TalkTalk, Hotmail, etc) you will be asked to create a new account when you first log in.
Either way, when you log in to FMBC websites you should use the "Sign in with a different account" link as indicated below, using your external email address.

Although you do not have an FMBC account, you will still receive email addressed to  This is automatically redirected to your existing email address.

If you lose the password for your external account, you must follow your provider's instructions for recovering it.